Sunday, September 16, 2012


I just love checking my email. Especially when there is a little "jDate" message in my inbox letting me know that someone has contacted me. For about two seconds, I think to myself, "maybe this is it..." So I quickly look at the user name to see if I recognize how it is from and then I read the note and profile (not necessarily in that order). Then reality sets in...

This morning I awoke to a "flirt" on jDate. A flirt is a prewritten line by jDate that the sender chooses to send to someone basically letting them know that they are interested without having to invest too much time into an initial email. I guess that is in case the receiver looks at the sender's profile picture and decides they look like an ogre and there is not way they would go out with them. Kind of lame. The flirt I received this morning said, "Why haven't you been snatched up yet?" There was no picture on the profile, but I went on to read it anyway. This is what he said in his "About Me" section:

I am a very easy going person...Jewish Heritage on both sides of my family...I am a Christian...meaning, that I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour...I am an Evangelist Preacher...I have also accepted God's call on my life to Ministry...I have grown children, but I would like to have another family...I enjoy all types of outdoor activities...swimming, running, some fishing, hiking, sight-seeing, photography...I love a good movie...barbecuing...dining out...reading a book...I am into stamp collection...coin collection...I go to Church on a regular basis...

Why do I even bother?

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  1. Did you say you were looking for someone religious? If so, be more specific!! :)