Sunday, August 12, 2012

One more thing...

I am NOT perfect. I am sad a lot of the time and crabby and bitchy and sometimes I say stupid things, that may accidentally offend or hurt someone. But I try to be a good friend and I would NEVER intentionally be mean to someone. She is a bitch for doing that.


  1. And... if she was a real friend she'd understand that you are going thru a lot, or enough and maybe you just needed someone to blow steam off/on (you know what I mean). After having gone thru some tough "life" experiences and friends that have gone thru worse, I realize now that sometimes what I take personally is actually someone trying to deal with their own "stuff". So maybe a real friend or an understanding one would just suck it up & talk to you or accept your apology. As angry as I get when I realize a "friend" isn't being supportive I realize it's kind of a gift. Meaning they're showing me who they really are and how much I can depend on them. It doesn't mean that I'll stop being their friend, but rather that I'll store the info in my memory banks for the next time. Also, when people on facebook are getting on my last nerve, I actually choose to keep them - this way I can keep a better eye on them, lol. :) And yes, 40 yr olds are almost worse than teens anymore. Chin up sister :)

  2. You can only be yourself and anyone who is really your friend would know that you didn't mean them any harm. Remember, some people are only in your life for a season and maybe her season is up.
    Love the blog & I am a new follower. Stop by and say hello.

    1. Oh her season is definitely up. Just wish it didn't hurt.

  3. I like that, "maybe her season is up".