Monday, July 30, 2012

A funny thing happened today...

...K almost drowned. Ok, not funny at all. Actually, terrifying. But I was talking to a friend, saying that I haven’t been blogging lately and one of the reasons is that I try to keep the feel of my blog a little bit “my life is so pathetic I have to laugh,” and lately, I’ve just been feeling, “my life is so pathetic.” So I haven’t updated. Because if I’m not laughing, you’re not laughing, and who wants to read my depressing blog? Yeah, not me either. I figured if I came in here with a little anecdote, maybe it would start my creative juices flowing and I’d get back in to blogging...but then, you know, K almost drowned. Bummer. There goes the anecdote.
FYI- I saved her. It wasn’t a big save, but it was a save nonetheless. And in case you’re thinking I should have saved her because, well, I’m her mother, and I’m the one who is supposed to be watching her, that’s not a very nice way to be thinking. She was at SWIM LESSONS. You know, like, the ONLY 30 minutes of the week I am theoretically  NOT responsible for her watching her near a body of water...because I’m paying a WHOLE LOT OF MONEY to make sure someone else is responsible for her. Well, like one mom said as I pulled her from the water, good thing I was there.
See, when a 19 year old girl, who may be very good at swimming, but most likely has little to NO understanding of child development and what a THREE year old is capable of understanding is put in charge of SIX children between the ages of 3 and 4, you may have a problem. But I can get over that. I can see how she may not have realized that my child could not have comprehended the instructions and didn’t realize that it was not her turn to swim. I get that. K started to swim when it was not her turn. Two other children were swimming. The teacher was too far, so she turned back to the wall. The wall was too far. K panicked. She went under. The teacher did not see...actually, I think she did not see, b/c K came up, her eyes searched for mine, and she went under again. FOUR TIMES. Each time, I heard her start to cry and then water would fill her mouth as she went under. I saw. The teacher was maybe 6 or 7 feet away and didn’t come over to her. Even as I leaned into the pool and screamed something like, “Jesus, are you going to get her?!” the teacher didn’t come over. So I’m assuming she didn’t see (although at that point, I honestly don’t know how that is possible). She just went on with her lesson. I pulled Kayla out. She was coughing and I was shaking.
 As I wrapped her in her towel, I realized that I should probably just put her back in the water, so I offered a lollipop if she would return to the water. She pretty much told me, “Hell, no!” and I didn’t feel like fighting. 
I tried not to make a big deal out of it as I explained to the office staff why K would NOT be returning to this teacher’s class. I don’t want to be that parent (even though I know I am). The manager is going to call me when he gets back from his vacation, and I think I will put K in another class and life will go on.
But, yeah...definitely don’t have a funny story for you today...but I do have a cute photo...



  1. Nice to see you blogging...BUT WHAT A STORY!! I'm so happy that K is safe and fine. Do me a favor, don't watch swimming on the Olympics tonight! :)

  2. why didn't my picture come on Lisa??

  3. Seriously??!! I think I'd lose my sh*t right there, so I'm impressed you were able to maintain your composure in front of her, which I think was so important in a situation like that.

    A lovely photo, too.

    1. Thank you. I like to try to stay calm. Rarely works, but I try! :)