Saturday, June 30, 2012

Oh My

I really am having so much fun filling you all in on the amazing OPTIONS I have when it comes to dating. Really, there are just so many fabulous Jewish men around here. It's truly a miracle that I haven't found the love of my life yet. Here is another middle-aged suitor. Although, I'm not going to post his picture (in a minute, you'll know why). 

His profile name is HSV2. Hmmmm...I thought when I saw it. That's interesting. Maybe his name would be Henry Scott Veisman? The second...? It's possible, right? But then I read his profile. And let me just say, I am all for honesty. Really, I am. So I don't fault him for it, but at the same time...I'm not sure that posting this on your jdate profile is the best way to handle it, you know? I know you have no idea what I'm talking about.  I'll just cut to the chase and let you decide for yourself. 

As I was perusing his profile, this line in particular stood out to me,

"For those who do not know what HSV is, it is herpes. Yes, I do have it..." 

Kudos to him for being open and honest. I would never be that open in my profile. Not regarding herpes. I don't have herpes. I would never even say, "By the way, I really need to lose 10 pounds." That is a fact that I like to keep hidden for as long as possible. Kind of like I would expect someone to feel about herpes.  And for the record, while I think his info is way more significant than mine, I guarantee that if I did put my unfortunate extra poundage in my profile, it would be met with way more horror and disgust than people have when reacting to an STD. Not that there is anything wrong with having an STD...I just don't want one. Nor do I want to date someone with one. 


  1. Lisa, thanks for the laugh... Oh. My. Gawd. Lisa Huriash