Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Contact

Wow. Did you hear that? That was the sound of a sigh from Naomi as I asked her to clean up one toy before going to another. D.R.A.M.A!!

Anyway. That's not what I'm here to talk about today. I'm here to complain some more about jdate. Yeah. I got contacted by someone this morning, and I'm thinking you could give me your opinions on this one. This is the email I received from him:

How are you doing? Impressive is what i describe your captivating profile as a near perfect description of what i desire in a woman, even your picture goes a long way in describing the quintessential underlying beauty any man would seek for in a woman...i know i like you but all that don't matter as all real love relationships begin on a basic foundation of friendship.. i would like to know u better and be good friends with u and am sure something deeper will spring from there... i would love to hear from you and i can be reached via E M A I L on blah blah blah @ blah blah blah (I gotta protect his identity a little bit, right?).

Now is it just me, or does this just make you want to vomit a little? Clearly this was not personalized for me. He didn't refer to anything that I wrote and I've been described in a lot of ways, but I assure you "quintessential underlying beauty" has NEVER been one of them. While it's flattering...it just can't be real. After I gagged, I started to think that from the email, he doesn't even sound American. American men just aren't that suave cheesy, are they?

This is what he looks like:


Does the word "smarmy" come to anyone's mind?

Anyway, I don't think I'm going to respond. I used to be a big believer in giving everyone a chance because, "Ya never know..." But I just don't have time or energy for that kind of thinking anymore!!!


  1. Smarmy, smooth, cultivated, charmer, silver-tongued, player. Those words come to mind. Also? Holy hell, dude, learn to use the shift key and a little punctuation! There are only two letters between "u" and "you" - take 2 seconds and type them. I seriously had to force myself to read that contact to you - had I received it, I'd have deleted it in the first few lines. :)

    1. THANK YOU for your validation! I feel so much better now!! :)

  2. I say run, don't walk, in the opposite direction of wherever he's coming from. Yikes.

  3. Lol, it would appear he gets his eyebrows waxed.

  4. Smarmy? I think there are more words than that that I'd use...lol