Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Birthdays!

A lot has been going on around here lately, People. A lot. But I guess that is what it means when you disappear from the Blogosphere for around a month. Well, either that, or absolutely NOTHING is going on and you have nothing to say. I like to think that I'll update you all on everything at some point, but it is nothing BIG...just lots of annoying stuff, so I probably won't. I WILL however, tell you about one big thing that happened, or rather THREE big things. I went from being the mommy of a couple of five year olds and a two year old, to being the mommy of two big SIX year olds and a THREE year old. Where has the time gone? I conducted some interviews with them, courtesy of this pretty cool blog that I found, and this is what I got.....

Naomi6 Elliott6 kayla3

Pretty fun, huh? I am going to have them printed and make them into books for each of them to have. Assuming I keep doing them every a good mommy would...and really, what are the chances of that?

And if you are wondering why I left in the question, "what do you and your dad do together?" it's because I didn't know how to take it out. Truthfully, Kayla's first answer to that was, "Daddy's yucky," but I didn't want to be a complete bitch and leave it in there. So I told her to think of a different answer and instead, I'm just telling all of you. :)

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