Friday, May 25, 2012

The difference a year makes

Well, not quite a year. A school year, though. Today was the last day of school. So sad. Except the part about not getting up before 6 am every morning. That kind of rocks, but other than that, I don't do too well with any kind of ending. Although I should be used to them by now. But as I told E and N's teacher, I've been crying the last day of school since I was in Kindergarten, so I really don't see it changing at this point. Check this out though. The first day of school vs the last day. Pretty cool, huh?

I'll post more last day of school pics tomorrow.


  1. Oh my goodness how they've changed! The difference is obvious when you see them side-by-side!

  2. Once a year or so, I stopped by your old blog just to see if there were any updates ... I had followed you during some of your struggles and hoped to see things were doing better. And lo, they are ... just wanted to say what a delight it is to see you in this new space (and your kids -- love the pictures!). And here's to skipping the lipgloss!