Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tooth Fairy

You know those things that are certain? Death...taxes...and teeth falling out! Oy! I hate them all. I’m hoping to avoid death any time soon. Taxes...just paid (fuckers) and teeth falling out. Well, it’s coming! Naomi’s tooth is at that totally gross, hanging on by a thread stage right now. It’s disgusting. She’s tried pulling it. I’ve tried pulling it. Even Elliott has tried pulling it. 

None of us can get a good enough grip or big enough balls to yank it out. But it’s coming. There is no denying it.
This morning I spent a good two hours composing a little love note to her from the Tooth Fairy. Two hours because one hour was spent trying find enough samples of letters online to “borrow” to make my letter the way I liked it plus then I needed to find a picture of the Tooth Fairy that I could somehow print out without having to actually pay for. Oh...the other hour? That was spent trying to figure out why my “text” tool wasn’t working. Turns out, if your text is set to “White” and you are typing on white paper, it won’t show up. That was fun.
Here is what my Tooth Fairy letter looks like, expect for the glitter glue I added that is drying as I type this. Everything is better with glitter glue. Now we just wait for that disgusting thing to fall out. Can’t wait!!

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  1. So sweet! When Dom lost his first tooth, the Tooth Fairy left him a gold dollar coin. Poor boy thought it was actual gold. Should we be worried he's so gullible?