Thursday, April 5, 2012

Just in time!

You know that Tooth Fairy note I wrote the other day? Well, I wrote it just in time!

That afternoon I was greeted with this toothless smile when I picked her up from school.
Very exciting!!
Of course, how she lost it is a bit interesting. She has a gross habit of chewing on her backpack strap. That afternoon in carpool, she was doing this and one of her friends decided it's not healthy for her to do that. While pulling the strap out of her mouth, out came her tooth!
She was thrilled!
And I was ready!!
A few weeks ago, we made this Tooth Fairy Door.
Isn't this cute? We painted it and hung it on the wall in the kids' bedroom. You know people sell these on etsy for $35? What a ripoff!!

You saw the letter.
She also received a certificate, a gold dollar coin, and everyone got three pieces of chocolate gold coins. I stocked up from Costco around Chanukah in anticipation of this. Elliott's response to that? "We got gelt! Our Tooth Fairy must be jewish!"

Of course, after all of my hard work, and research, Naomi looked at my computer and unfortunately said, "Hey Mommy, how come you have pictures of the Tooth Fairy on your computer?" Don't worry, my secret is not out. "Um, I googled her to look for her phone number." Poor thing bought it.

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