Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Zits...pimples...acne. Whatever you want to call them, they suck, right? Is there any age that is a good age for them to show up on your face? I mean, 16 is not a good age. You are dealing with high school! That is enough for anyone. Who wants to deal with breakouts on top of that? I had my fair share of skin imperfections as a teen. And in collage. And ever since then. I guess I sort of expected them to go away at some point... Now to be fair, I do not have awful skin, but it's far from porcelain either! I mean, seriously, I'm almost the dreaded 4-0, and I'm dealing with anti-aging regimes these days. I did not know that aging skin comes with it's own agenda which often includes breaking out around the hair and jaw lines. Ew! Wrinkles and breakouts. How did I get so lucky?
But if that's not bad enough...I have children. Sweet, adorable, say whatever comes to their little minds children. And THIS is what one of them said to me today...while looking at my chin...and pointing to a pimple:

"Mommy, is that a boo-boo? Oh, no...I'm so silly...that's just a nipple!"

Guess who said that?


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