Sunday, February 19, 2012


Since the asshole decided being married wasn't fun anymore and left, I have known that it would just be a matter of time before our children realized the kind of person he is. He can only play the "fun daddy" role for so long.  Of course, I assumed it would happen when they were adults and had children of their own. Then they would figure out that their Daddy never went to any of their extra-curricular activities with them, never drove them to or hosted play dates and only saw them when it worked out into his schedule and even then spent the majority of the time sitting on the couch with his eyes closed while they watched TV.

Although, Elliott is already asking me why Daddy never comes to watch him at Tae Kwon Do, so maybe it won't take until adulthood.

In a million years though, what I didn't expect was this, from my two year old, "Mommy, I want two mommies. I don't want a daddy anymore. Daddy is yucky."

So sad. That poor asshole has no idea what he has done.


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  1. How heartbreaking for you! It's amazing the damage parents can do by their own selfish behaviors - and I use the term "parent" lightly. He may be their dad, but he is certainly not their parent in any real sense of the word. Congrats go to you, however, because you have raised children who are okay with questioning things and making statements such as your daughter did without being concerned about your reaction.