Sunday, February 26, 2012


I think this is such a sad commentary on the type of mother I am:
Anytime Kayla asks me if she can do something:
  • Mommy, can I play on the jumpy house?
  • Mommy, can I eat an apple?
  • Mommy, can I watch one show?

If I answer in any way in the affirmative:
  • Yes
  • Sure
  • Ok
  • Uh huh
  • Do whatever you want, just leave me alone Of course you can, Sweetness!
  • Etc.

She is in such utter shock and disbelief, that she immediately comes back with:

You said _______? And has to repeat what I just said.
Like she needs to confirm that I am actually allowing her to do what she wants instead of denying her her happiness and joy. 

Which apparently is how I usually role. 

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