Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Love note

Got this charming note today:

Hi Lisa, 
Thanks for the email. Your smile is great. You sound like someone who is enjoying her family and her life. I must be honest. I find you very attractive but the thought of dating a woman with three young children scares me a little. I would love to meet you for a drink and see if we connect but I wanted to be upfront about my concerns. 

I am trying to figure out my reply. Thinking about something like this:

Dear Sam,
Thank you so much for your honesty, but what the hell is the point in meeting to see if we connect dumb ass? If you have fears about dating someone with three young children, you are totally within your right, but do you think our connection after ONE DRINK is going to be so strong that suddenly you are going to be ok with being (at best) fourth on my list of important people. Or am I going to be so charming (yuh  huh, I am) that suddenly everything is going to get all glow-y and you are going to hear angels singing and decide that you want to be a step daddy right now? Because if that is the case, I totally want to know what you will be drinking.
Let me bottom line this for you, Sam. You may be afraid of dating someone with children, but I am terrified of dating someone who is not 100% totally sure about me, from the get-go. Not as in "totally sure we are going to get married," but definitely not someone with doubts before we even meet.
Cause see, I've got three kids. And I need to take care of them. And in order to do that, I need to be a pretty happy person, because that is what they deserve. They don't need to deal with a Mommy with another broken heart from an asshole who should never have gotten involved with her in the first place. 
So, I'm going to pass on your invitation for drinks. I'd rather stay home with my kids. They are a little afraid of me, too, but they are cuter than you are.
Just being upfront,


  1. You should totally send that back, it is a great response.

  2. This guy gets the recycle bin!

  3. I had this flagged since you posted it to come back to it. I also don't see the point of his offer. However, I think you should accept and bring your kids with you and make him buy you ALL lunch!