Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Vegetarian Times

For all the bitching I've done about Martha's magazine that started showing up in my mailbox, I probably shouldn't be telling you about this, but I just ordered a magazine! And I'm telling you because the deal is really too good not to. You should get it, too. Even if you're not a vegetarian, but you probably really should be because eating dead animals is gross.

This deal is courtesy of Kosher on a Budget, and it is for a subscription to Vegetarian Times. $4.99 for a year!! You can order up to four years at this price. I only ordered two because I have commitment issues.

You have to enter the promo code KOSHERBUDGET at checkout to see the discounted price.


  1. Sometimes I miss the old Lisa who didn't think twice about eating dead animals! KIDDING!
    So, here's my thing...I am hardly one to pass up a good deal but lately I can't seem to bring myself to subscribe to anything in print! I'm loving my e-subscriptions to certain mags that I curl up with my iPad to read and I'm hooked! Let me know when there's an app for that!

    1. I wish I had an iPad to curl up with!! I'm a little nervous about bringing more paper into the house that I have to deal with, but it was a hard deal to pass up!