Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mommy of the Year? Nope.

The past few weeks, Kayla has been learning about Nursery Rhymes at school. The other day, we had a homework assignment. Every family was assigned a rhyme and had to fill a bag with little props for that particular rhyme. Our rhyme was Humpty Dumpty. We filled the bag with a little king and horse, a drawing of a wall and this:
cute, huh?

I mean there is some smudging on little Humpty's face, but otherwise, I was pretty impressed with myself. I got it all together before 7:30 am. Even more impressive. Overall, I thought I deserved a "Yeah Mommy!" Or something.

Then I have mornings like today. Before 7:30 am I had: threatened to cut off someone's hair, threatened to burn a toy if it was ever taken out in the morning again, taken away TV and computer privileges until 2013 and screamed until my throat hurt. Yeah, definitely not getting a "Yeah Mommy" today.


  1. Your mornings sound just like my mornings only my 12 year old actually told me that I was the worst mom EVER today! Oh the joys!

    1. You got to beat them to the punch. I usually say, "I must be a very bad Mommy for you to behave this way." They respond with, "No Mommy NO! You are the BEST!" Oy! They are going to need so much therapy...

  2. You're still a good egg in my book even if you're kids despise you some days :)
    What is that saying...something about if you're kids aren't telling you they hate you then you aren't parenting correctly??? Keep up the good work!