Monday, January 30, 2012

Dr. Elliott

Elliott got picked this week to be Scientist of the Week at school. Oh the emotions this caused:
  • Elliott: excited
  • Naomi: my death would have been less upsetting to her than her brother getting picked first
  • Kayla: totally stoked that we ignored her and left her in front of Little Einsteins for 2 hours
  • Me: pretty freakin' annoyed that science experiments are starting in Kindergarden!
But, what can you do? I picked the experiment. Shhh...don't tell anyone. I'm sure he was supposed to pick it himself, and we ran through it a couple of times at home. We did Dancing Raisins. All about buoyancy. Pretty cool (and easy).

His teacher sent home a bag with some books, a pair of goggles and a lab coat to "inspire creativity." So cute!! Check out my little scientist.


Then I looked a little bit closer at his lab coat:


Hmmm...Pretty impressive. I was happy that he finally learned to count to 100. I had no idea he had mastered med school.
If anyone is nearing the 40 week mark and needs his services, let me know! I'm sure we could cut you a deal.

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