Friday, January 27, 2012

Costco, tapes and books-basically a really boring post

I have a Costco problem. Actually, I think it is more of an addiction. I love it. I do the majority of my shopping there. In fact, lately I rarely go to the grocery store or Target because all of my shopping needs can be met at that great Warehouse with sample filled isles. Ahhhh....pure heaven. I have made complete meals of the samples they hand out there. In fact I think the level of excitement that I feel when I get my monthly Costco coupon booklet it is a little abnormal. It comes in the mail, and I literally can’t wait to open it up and see what I’ll be saving on this month. And when I got mine yesterday and opened it up...JACKPOT!!! Coupons GALORE! 
Here were some of the awesome coupons for things I will be stocking up on this week: 
  • children’s vitamins (to keep the children healthy)
  • Advil (perfect for headaches caused by the children)
  • dish detergent (I keep having to feed my children) 
  • coupon for Oxi Clean (children are slobs!). 
And my favorite coupon of all:
  • packing tape (for taping up my children when they get too annoying)
KIDDING!!! I totally don’t do that, but I was on a roll there.
But actually, I use a lot of packing tape, and I’m going to tell you why. 
A couple of months ago, I found out about this awesome website called Paperback Swap. It is ridiculously awesome. You post a whole bunch of books you have that you don’t want anymore and then you trade them with people all across the country for books you do want. It is such a great way to get books for just the cost of postage. I know the library is free, but sometimes I get a little busy and it takes me more than three weeks to read a book. Go figure. So, I use Paperback Swap, and therefore, I spend a lot of time packing up books to send to people and hence, get very excited about packing tape.
Btw- there is no pressure to sign up for Paperback Swap, but if you do, and use my link, and list 10 books, I will get a credit for another book. If you do not want me to get the credit, because you are mean ore something, don’t go through my link.

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  1. One of my favorite memories of my Papa, who passed away 9 years ago, was his love of the Costco tasties. He, like you, would make an entire meal out of the freebies. He had a strategy and knew which people he could get seconds and thirds from. He made sampling an art form, while my Nana did the shopping! Every time we are at Costco and I get a sample of some frozen pizza I will never purchase, I think of him.
    So yeah, COSTCO ROCKS!