Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Booey Milk

I'm aware that there are about a million reasons as to why I should not be nursing my TWO AND A HALF YEAR OLD. I am not a card carrying member of this organization. In fact, the few times I reached out to them, they didn't even return my calls. Granted I was calling for advice on how to wean said two and a half year old, but they did not know that. Either way, as I was saying, there are many reasons I shouldn't be nursing, but perhaps this conversation that Kayla and I had this evening just sums it all up...

Kayla: Mommy, I want booey milk!!*
Me: Kayla, are you a big girl or a baby?
Kayla: A big girl.
Me: Do big girls drink booey milk?
Kayla: No, but I want it!
Me: Why?
Kayla: Because it tastes good.
Me: Really? What does it taste like?
Kayla: Lemon ice cream.

*That is our affectionate little term for breast milk. Started as "booby" milk, but when Kayla started talking and requesting** it, she couldn't pronounce the second "b" and so it kind of morphed into this made up word "Booey"which we all now use.

**I know that there are a lot of people out there who think that if a child is old enough to request it, they are too old for it. I hate those people.

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  1. Lemon ice cream!! lol!!!

    It's me!! It's Leanne, I'm blogging again too. Only under a different name and a different blog now!! How have you been doing?!

    Check me out too!!


    So glad you got a hold of me!!!! Hugs!!!