Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Birthday Party

This past weekend I was invited to a birthday party. I didn’t go. It wasn’t a child’s birthday party for one of my kids’ friends. I never miss those. This was a party for a adult friend of mine who turned the big 4-0. Let me rephrase. She is not actually a friend. She is the mother of one of my kids’ friends and a very nice lady. A teacher. And I would like very much to be her friend. And I guess she thinks the same of me or she wouldn’t have invited me to her party, but as I said, I didn’t go.
The thought of securing and paying for a babysitter and getting dressed to go out at night, was so exhausting...and that was just the thought of it! Can you imagine the reality of it? Getting dressed. To go out. Of the house at 7 or 8 at night! 
I am usually in my PJs by then. Preferably sitting on my tush with the remote in my hand.
So...there goes that possible friendship out the window.
I’ve said that I don’t have a whole lot of friends. I used to blame it on my bitchiness, now I’m just too damn tired for friends. See, if you have friends, you have to have the energy to return phone calls, grab a cup of coffee and go out to celebrate a 40th birthday! Yeah, I don’t have that kind of energy. It used to be easier. No matter how tired I was, I wasn’t  going to prevent my children from having play dates, and a play date for toddlers=a play date for mommies. As they have gotten older however, play dates don’t include Mommies. Now a play date means, banish the kids to the basement and pray they don’t burn anything down. If you want to hang with a Mommy friend, that is usually separate. And these days I just don’t have the energy for it. So, I don't have so many friends. 
I’m not happy about it. As I said, I really like this girl and would love to be friends with her. She is super nice, lives nearby, has great kids, etc. Maybe I will rest up over the next 11 3/4 months or so, so that I have energy to go out for her 41 birthday!!

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  1. Our Star Wars party wasn't enough excitement for you? ;) I think as we get older, the upkeep needed for a friendship has to change. Heck, I have a live in babysitter, and Mr. Vulgar and I rarely leave the house. My sleep pants and cable TV beckon me....

    Love the blog, Lisa! :)